hennessy — paradis is on earth

Alicia Keys and Lang Lang in perfect harmony for Paradis is on Earth.

Paradis on Earth is a deep ranging collaboration which explores the meeting of minds between the virtuoso talents of Alicia Keys and Lang Lang, bringing together the shared values of culture and beauty for a moment of pure emotion, sensation, and contemplation.

Paradise lies in moments suspended in bliss, a universal celebration of harmony and the “raison d’être” for Hennessy’s crown jewel of cognac, Paradis. On this journey, Hennessy Paradis turns back to its inspirational beginnings grounded in music.

The film series, shot in Utah and directed by Neels Castillon, reflects the intricate elegance of Hennessy’s craft in a musical voyage for the mind and soul, which blends the joy of music and poetry, with the bliss of nature.

Seated at two pianos, in the stunning remote desert setting of Paradis Canyon, the legendary artists unleash the power of their shared musical inspirations, taking the first steps on an incredible journey towards Paradis, with music and poetry composed by Alicia Keys, and layered by Lang Lang.

Paradis is on earth — shot in the desert of Utah, USA.

directed by Neels Castillon
agency — Good Wander People
producer — Holly Wolfers
executive producer — Debbie Garvey
production company — RSA films x Motion Palace