georg jensen • 2021

a new global campaign in movement for the iconic Danish design house.

« Today, AKQA and Georg Jensen, the Danish design house, debut their new global campaign, ‘When She Moves, The World Moves’. To showcase the brand’s re-interpretation and expansion of their classic and much-loved Moonlight Grapes collection, Georg Jensen partnered with AKQA to develop a campaign that celebrates how women have the ability to inspire and transform the world around them.

The campaign kicks off with a film directed by award-winning director Neels Castillon. Following the extraordinary 24 hours in a woman’s life, the film follows her journey of discovering how she can, quite literally, move the world around her – both via her jewellery and by her movements. It’s a poetic tribute that celebrates the fact that when women are empowered, they have the ability to move the world. The film is set to an original track composed by Hania Rani, a Polish pianist, composer and musician. » Little Black Book

Since 1904 Georg Jensen has been a lighthouse for Danish luxury design.
AKQA Copenhagen teams up with Motion Palace to conceive their new 2021 Global Campaign — When she moves, the world moves.

directed by Neels Castillon
agency — AKQA
executive producer — Ariane Cornic

production company— Motion Palace

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